The Genuine Bonafide Electrified Arty-Farty Wank Page
c'mon ya pansy!
"...on which the author displays some of his 
nightly work to the observing passer-by
line I'm a nerd, yes, so I am sort of obligated to stay up late, right? Right. You know how you tend to get more tired the longer you stay awake? Well, believe it or not, nerds have that too! Only thing is: when nerds are tired, they make all sorts of texty gibberish, or -as I do- come up with a shiteload of graphical nonsense. Javascript try-outs. Plain ol' wank. Arty-farty wank, really. Well, you know the rest.
milk « milk » all those little cubes « all those little cubes »

Yeah, /me got Flash. Nice program. In my first experiments with it I just used it as a drawing tool. Nice curve-features, you know. And milk cartons, oh boy, don't get me started!

The typical late-night situation: off you go drawing all sorts of geometrical shapes and stuff, and <wham!>, out come all these cuby thingies. The longer you look at them, the more you begin to doubt your depth perception. Well no, to be honest: the longer you look, the more time you waste.

where's my blanket? « where's my blanket? » pixely goo « pixely goo »

While cleaning up my room I found an old blanket, well, my mom says it's just a table cloth but to me it's a blanket. And erm, me and blankets, we have a special bond, I guess. So I tried to draw it on the computer, just for fun. Well - "fun"...

There I was at the press conference of Underworld, them presenting their new live CD and me giving myself a present by snatching one. The cover is all pixely and green, but so very static. This wank page adds animation, that's all. Nice CD, by the way.

purplepixeldude « purplepixeldude » fading away « fading away »

My shot at creating a lovable superhero. Got lost somewhere along the line, though. I guess the handsome women never fall for the square guy... I don't know why I spent so much time on this little character, I really don't.

Yep, I just love JavaScript: wanted to animate the page's background using JS while all it took was a simple animated gif. Well, it still has some scripting in it: the images are different on each reload. 2AM, time to go to bed.

These pages are -and will remain so throughout the glorious centuries to come- the genuine bonafide electrified copyright of Jan Moesen - me.