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Accessibility à la Flandre

While searching for accessibility of our governmental web sites, I stumbled upon a page called Accessible web pages for the visually impaired (in Dutch). I consider my sight to be OK (thanks to a pair of contact lenses), but if I already have trouble discerning the link text, what are those with colour blindness or generally suboptimal vision to do? And look at that image below the header logo: unreadable. (It's a good thing they have their alt text set, otherwise I would never have known. :-)

Beware the giant lizard monster

Is Manganese Manga madness from the Microsoft Typography news archive really a quote from a manga comic, or is it a reference to Mozilla and it's wonderful capabilities?

  • giant lizard monster
  • the power of bodily transformation
  • any form and shape

Dynamic team of Internet Solutions Providers

More buzzwords than even the best marketeers can shake a stick at:

“huh? provides select and distinct clients with groundbreaking business strategies to aggressively and creatively compete in a changing economy.”

huh? — brilliant!